Daily life

Goodbye Kanazawa

We have been anticipating this for a long time now but nothing could prepare us for the rollercoaster of emotions during this international move. Everyday you have to show so much (not only physical) strength to get the many tasks done. But the powerful emotions that you will experience are even more demanding. We have been going through some very intense moments and in this post I will try to describe to you how it was for us to say goodbye to our home in Kanazawa.

How we spent the last weeks in Japan

How to spend the time in Japan as best as possible while also getting ready for an international move? That’s a question that we were faced with as September started and the moving date was approaching fast. As this month was unusually sunny and warm, we were able to go on many small day trips and spend lots of time outdoors. At the same time, we started to sell our furniture and to pack our things that we wanted to ship, turning our home from a comfortable apartment to a place that slowly started to say goodbye to our Japanese life.

Summer in Japan: Heat, Olympics and an ongoing pandemic

It’s our third summer in Japan and we are still overwhelmed by the heat, the humidity and the sweat! I am not sure if you can ever get used to the brutal summers in Japan, no matter how long you live in this country. However, this time, I managed to control my heat exhaustion far better than last year. I was even able to do some rope skipping workouts - at 9 pm (still 32 degrees outside) and only short, but that was a lot better than last year where I barely left my house.

Is it rainy season or not?

Experiencing rainy season in Japan is always challenging. Last year, it was raining so much for weeks that we weren’t sure if it would ever stop again. This year however, the weather was very different. Therefore, we were constantly wondering what’s going on with rainy season. May was unusually rainy, prompting us to fear that rainy season had already started - 20 days earlier than expected. However, June turned out to be really sunny and unusually warm, right until the last week, when the rain came back.

Early summer life update

Life has been passing fast during the past weeks: we went from beautiful spring to rainy season and back to pre summer weather in a very short time span. As experienced in the past year, the weather during May and early June is really nice in Ishikawa. Not much rain, lots of sunny and not too hot days, lots of flowers and an early summer feeling. This year, we experienced a nice and sunny weather period except during Golden Week - it was raining during the whole holiday period!

Sunshine and spring vibes

Are we still living in Kanazawa, one of the rainiest places I know? I often asked myself this question in the past weeks as it has been so sunny for such a long time! Something that is really rare for this area. This year, spring really felt like spring and we could not only enjoy many sunny days but also beautiful flowers, long walks without sweating or freezing, lots of outdoor coffees and finally, no more freezing cold nights!

Waiting for spring

Hello everyone, This post should give you an update about our daily life in the past weeks and show you some nice pre-spring impressions of Kanazawa. After a long winter spring seems finally to start! Gradually, day time temperatures began to rise and the sunshine certainly started to feel powerful. We can’t wait to experience another spring season in Japan. Transition to spring As always, The first thing I noticed was the fact that the days started to get longer and the sun was shining more frequently than ever!

A stormy winter

Hi everyone! Spending winter in Kanazawa can really test your patience and sanity. Lucky for us, there was no other heavy snow storm since my last post about it but still, we are facing winter storms every week including thunderstorms, a lot of hail and snowfall. Combining this with the COIVD pandemic, there are not too many options left to entertain yourself during this time. But, as you will see in this post, we still tried!

Heavy snowfall in Ishikawa

Hey everyone, in this post, I wanted to share some pictures from our last huge snowstorm so that you can see how winter in Kanazawa can be! I knew that there is a high probability for snow in winter when I came here. I also heard about the bad snowstorm from winter 2018, when Niklas visited the city for the first time and sent me crazy pictures of huge snow piles, vanished cars and white mountains.

Christmas and New Year

Hello everyone, happy new year to you! Let’s hope that 2021 will bring some nice memories, a more normalized and quiet life and a decreasing number of COVID infections. Looking back on 2020, I find it difficult to describe how this year has been for me. We experienced a lot of crazy emotions during this pandemic months, from sadness or anxiety to the feeling of getting used to it - we have felt it all.