Tedorigawa Canyon Road Trip

Finally we have been experiencing a sunny weather period in Kanazawa! Despite being very busy with our work, we try to use every free day for some outdoor adventure as it’s so rare that there is no rain. There are so many beautiful flowers everywhere, turning the whole area from grey and dull into a beautiful paradise. On one particular warm and sunny Saturday, we decided to finally go to the mountainside and cycle on the famous Tedorigawa Canyon Road.

Nagano winter trip

Did you know that there are wild monkeys in Japan that enjoy a hot bath in an outdoor onsen during cold winter days and you can even watch them from a close distance? Read all about our short winter trip to Nagano prefecture in this post! Nagano prefecture Nagano prefecture is a landlocked prefecture in the central part of Honshu. It borders more prefectures than any other in Japan and contains the point that is furthest away from the sea in the whole country.

Shirakawa-Go Trip

Hey everyone, as the winter days in Hokuriku area are usually grey and full of snow or rain, it was a wonderful surprise to experience one sunny day last weekend. As we wanted to do something special, we decided to rent a car and drive to the famous world heritage village Shirakawa-Go in Gifu Prefecture. Already in 2019, one week after we arrived in Japan, we visited the “sister village” Gokayama, which lies about 15 kilometers north of Shirakawa-Go (refresh your memory here).

Fukui Trip

Hey everyone, the trip to Fukui happened already in late October and during easier times (the number COIVD cases was not too bad at that time in Japan…), but still I want to tell you about this interesting day trip we took and show you some pictures of the famous places we went to. Our friend Natsuki has organized this trip for us and Atsumi, another friend of ours (thank you!

Noto trip: Tuskumo Bay and Suzu area

Hi everyone, our October was packed with action, every weekend we were on the road, exploring Ishikawa and the surrounding areas, but not always just for fun. In this post, I’ll tell you a litte about our third trip to Noto Peninsula: this time we explored Suzu area and enjoyed the first signs of Japanese fall season. The Tabitaiken crew organized the one day trip to Tukumo Bay, a place in the north eastern part of Noto where we were supposed to visit different spots in order to check if they would be interesting for a new tour program.

Miyajima Trip

Hey everyone, as promised in my last post, I wanted to share more details about our trip to Miyajima Island with you. We went to this beautiful island for a day trip and experienced a lot of different activities. About Miyajima The island is located about 20 km southwest of Hiroshima city in the Seito Inland Sea. About 2000 citizens are living on the island which biggest industry is tourism. It’s considered as holy island, however today the rules for those holy grounds have changed a lot - before the 20th century, women weren’t even allowed to visit the place!

Hiroshima Trip

Hey everyone, we are back home from our first trip this year and it was really wonderful! In this post, I will tell you all about our time in Hiroshima, our trips and where we stayed. This place has surprised us as it is not only a very lively and happy city (despite its horrible past) but is also surrounded by a beautiful sea and island landscape! About Hiroshima Hiroshima is the principal city of the Chugoku Region with over a million inhabitants.

Noto trip to Wajima and Suzu

Hi everyone, in this post I tell you all about our second trip to Noto at the end of July and what we experienced on this long day trip. Our friend Natsuki planned this tour for us (thank you so much!) and drove us with her car all the way up to the remote countryside of Noto Peninsula. As I wrote in my last post about Noto (click here for refreshing your memory), the peninsula extends about 100 km north of Kanazawa and is thus quite remote!

Hakusan summer hike

Hi everyone, I hope you guys are all healthy and safe while enjoying your summer vacation! For us, vacation is still a little bit complicated and we mostly stay in our prefecture. But we enjoy various day trips, mostly on Sundays! It seems that we have started to implement a new tradition. ;-) That’s why in this post I will tell you about our hiking trip to Mount Hakusan. As you might remember, we visited the national park already twice, in fall and in winter, but never in the hot summer time.

Wakura Onsen short trip

Hi everyone, in this post I want to share our memories of our most recent trip to Wakura Onsen! We have only stayed there for less than 48 hours, so our route is suitable for everyone who doesn’t have too much time and wants to see some highlights. Due to the COVID crisis, foreign tourists cannot enter the country. Therefore, the tourism sector is facing an economic crisis never seen before.