Daily life

Flowers and sunshine in May

Hey everyone, we hope you are all healthy and doing fine! In some countries, it seems that the virus cases are dropping and the restrictions are lifted step by step. In Japan, the situation is also getting better and we are really relieved about that. Half of May has passed and we wanted to give you an update about our daily life. Covid 19 situation: an update So, a lot has been going on since my last post.

A different spring in Japan than imagined

Hey everyone, I hope you are all healthy and still holding up with this new lifestyle. The past weeks our life has slowed down a lot and we have been spending countless hours indoors with the exception of some walks in the neighborhood. For over 8 weeks there have been no travel adventures, meetings with friends, new events or anything exciting that I can report. However, the weather was improving greatly and this means, winter is finally over!

Experiencing COVID19 outbreak in Japan

Hey everyone, it was really quiet on this blog in the last weeks. As you can imagine, there was a lot going on though: due to the rapidly progressing Corona outbreak, we had to make some tough decisions while also being constantly worried about our families and friends who are far away from us and might not be safe. Therefore, writing a new post was not a priority for me as you surely understand.

Our life in February

Hi everyone, hope you are all doing all right and are healthy! Right now, a lot is going on and I hope you guys are all okay. In this post I want to tell you about our daily life in the past weeks. Spoiler alert: we experienced all kinds of weather situations and also (finally) some snow, there were some cancellations of big plans, we did go on a short trip to the mountains and we live among a virus outbreak…

Gloomy winter

Hey everyone, we hope everyone has a nice January so far. This month is a little busy for both of us and due to the current weather, we don’t enjoy as many outdoor activities at we would like to but nonetheless, I want to give you an update of our ongoing projects so far. A winter that is too warm Do you remember me telling you that we prepare for the big snow in the last posts?

Winter storms and Christmas preparations

Hey everyone, I hope you are enjoying the pre holiday spirit and are not too caught up in all the related activities and social gatherings! As the year nears its end, the number of dates and appointments always seems to increase enormously. This also applies to us, even though we are not at home in Europe. But we already received some invitations for year end parties (“Bonenkai”), classical concerts and dinners.

Preparing for winter

Hey everyone, after telling you about our tropical adventures I want to give a little overview of our daily life in November, as the island paradise is more an exception from our regular life. ;-) First of all, November in Japan is indeed a very nice month, not only if you spend it in the prefecture of Okinawa. I was used to the endlessly cold and gray German November days, filled with rain and fog.

Autumn in Japan

Hi everyone, as October is now over, I just wanted to give you an update about what we did and experienced in this month, besides traveling/hiking or being creative. ;-) Like the months before, October was anything but boring. The perfect autumn weather made it very enjoyable, too. Well, most of the time…. It’s typhoon time As many of you remember, Japan was hit pretty bad by the super typhoon Hagibis earlier this month.

Enjoying September

Hey everyone, as September is nearly over, I finally found time to write a new blog entry about our last two weeks. A lot was going on and we continue to have an exciting time here in Japan. The last weeks were very “social” as we met with a lot of people and attended so many events! It’s my birthday As I told you last time, we had some celebrations regarding my birthday.

Back to school

Hello everyone, September has finally started and the heat has returned. The last days were very hot again and we have to readjust to the summer lifestyle after being spoiled by some nice and not so humid days. Apparently, the heatwave has not been over yet and we can stop being happy that we survived it… Besides the weather, this month has also some interesting changes and challenges in store as well as a lot of events.