Heavy snowfall in Ishikawa

Hey everyone, in this post, I wanted to share some pictures from our last huge snowstorm so that you can see how winter in Kanazawa can be! I knew that there is a high probability for snow in winter when I came here. I also heard about the bad snowstorm from winter 2018, when Niklas visited the city for the first time and sent me crazy pictures of huge snow piles, vanished cars and white mountains.

Christmas and New Year

Hello everyone, happy new year to you! Let’s hope that 2021 will bring some nice memories, a more normalized and quiet life and a decreasing number of COVID infections. Looking back on 2020, I find it difficult to describe how this year has been for me. We experienced a lot of crazy emotions during this pandemic months, from sadness or anxiety to the feeling of getting used to it - we have felt it all.

Spending the last weeks of 2020

Hello everyone, we hope you enjoyed some quiet Christmas and New Year’s holidays, despite the difficult situation and the restrictions that are in place. We also had some quiet days in Japan and took some time out to reflect on the past year and what has all happened (or not happened) to us. In this post however, I am not going to talk about our Christmas but give you a short update on our weeks before Christmas that we spent in Kanazawa.

Fukui Trip

Hey everyone, the trip to Fukui happened already in late October and during easier times (the number COIVD cases was not too bad at that time in Japan…), but still I want to tell you about this interesting day trip we took and show you some pictures of the famous places we went to. Our friend Natsuki has organized this trip for us and Atsumi, another friend of ours (thank you!

Japanese Autumn Leaves

Hi everyone, these times are challenging: being constantly faced with bad news everyday is really tough and it makes you feel so tired. Especially during cold and dark winter days, it’s hard to keep the spirits up. In this post, I wanted to share some of the most beautiful pictures I took during the past month and bring something nice and positive to you. Maybe it will sooth your mind for some minutes.

Fall season in Kanazawa

Hi everyone, as you’ve seen in the last posts, we were often on the road during the last weeks. But besides from those interesting weekend activities, we were of course living our daily life and dealing with various tasks. Today, I wanted to give you an update about our current life in Japan and the challenges we face, now that the hot summer days are gone. Fall has arrived The warm days are really over, the evenings are getting cooler and cooler and we are freezing in our house - this can mean only one thing: fall season is in full swing and winter is already waiting for us.

Noto trip: Tuskumo Bay and Suzu area

Hi everyone, our October was packed with action, every weekend we were on the road, exploring Ishikawa and the surrounding areas, but not always just for fun. In this post, I’ll tell you a litte about our third trip to Noto Peninsula: this time we explored Suzu area and enjoyed the first signs of Japanese fall season. The Tabitaiken crew organized the one day trip to Tukumo Bay, a place in the north eastern part of Noto where we were supposed to visit different spots in order to check if they would be interesting for a new tour program.

Visiting a historical Japanese road: Futamagoe

Hey everyone, we hope you are all healthy and safe during these times. While the world remains shaken by the ongoing pandemic, we try to go on with our daily life while living in the “new normality”. Still we have not fully adapted to the new lifestyle… I guess, we are not the only ones struggling to cope with all the changes that are happening so fast. I hope this text can take your mind off all the bad news for a short while.

Summer during a pandemic

Hey everyone, I hope you enjoyed our last posts about Hiroshima and Miyajima! We really loved this trip and are happy that we were able to go, despite all the craziness that is currently going on. In this post I want to give you an update about our daily Kanazawa life - we had a hot summer this year and it was not easy due to COVID-19 to spend the time with summer like activities, but we managed!

Miyajima Trip

Hey everyone, as promised in my last post, I wanted to share more details about our trip to Miyajima Island with you. We went to this beautiful island for a day trip and experienced a lot of different activities. About Miyajima The island is located about 20 km southwest of Hiroshima city in the Seito Inland Sea. About 2000 citizens are living on the island which biggest industry is tourism. It’s considered as holy island, however today the rules for those holy grounds have changed a lot - before the 20th century, women weren’t even allowed to visit the place!