Takaoka Trip

Hi everyone, today I want to tell you about our trip to Takaoka Shi, a nice city located in Toyama prefecture close to Kanazawa. We went there for a day trip and explored the city by foot. So here you will find a good itinerary for visiting this city in one day that covers some major sights. About Takaoka Takaoka is the second largest city in Toyama prefecture and located at the west part of the prefecture.

Kurakake Yama hike

Hey everyone, I hope you are enjoying June and getting used to wearing masks and social distancing rules. At the moment, the weather in Kanazawa is quite hot and sunny but this all ends very soon, as rainy season is approaching fast. In this post, I want to tell you about another hike we did in Ishikawa prefecture, which was quite different to the hike at Mount Iouzen. We hiked Kurakake Yama!

A hike through a magical forest: Mount Iouzen Trip

Hi everyone, with the state of emergency restrictions gone, we could finally make a small trip into the nature within the borders of the Ishikawa prefecture. After staying at home for weeks it was a little overwhelming for us to be outside again, for more than just a short walk! In this post I like to tell you all about our hiking at Mount Iouzen. Mout Iouzen Mount Iouzen (医王山) or Mount Iou, is a 939 meter high mountain at the border of Ishikawa and Toyama prefecture (location) and about a 20 minutes drive away from our home.

Hakusan winter hike experience

Hello everyone, today I want to tell you a little about our day trip to the Hakusan mountainside we experienced last weekend. As I told you before, we were planning to go on a snowshoe hike this winter but, as the snow never came, we had to postpone it and we finally decided to go there just for a winter hike without snow or snowshoes. So sad… But we still wanted to see the mountains in the winter, so we grabbed our hiking boots and got ready!

Kyoto Trip

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are getting ready for the new year. We’ve enjoyed Christmas in Japan very much and are looking forward to the new years celebrations, but today I will not tell you about that - this post is all about our fantastic trip to Kyoto that we experienced two weeks ago. Kyoto is one of Japan’s most famous cities. Every year, thousands of international and Japanese tourists are coming there, increasing not only the thriving tourism industry of the city but also causing a lot of troubles for local residents.

Okinawa Ishigaki Trip Part 2

Hey everyone, I hope you are all doing fine. Currently we have pretty cold and rainy weather in Kanazawa. Therefore, writing about our vacation time in the south brings back warm memories and helps to deal with this seasonal transition to winter. Snorkeling adventure After our fantastic trip to Taketomi Island we wanted to explore two dreamy beaches of Ishigaki. Thanks to our friends Nora and Chris, who already visited Ishigaki island, we got some cool recommendations regarding the beaches of Ishigaki and found ourselves in the bus which would take us to Yonehara Beach.

Okinawa Ishigaki Trip Part 1

Hey everyone, we are back from our fantastic holidays in the southern part of Japan and have a hard time readjusting to the cold autumn temperatures of Kanazawa! In the next two posts, I will tell you all about our trip adventures as well as giving you some recommendations about travel and sights if you also want to go to Okinawa Prefecture. About Okinawa Okinawa consists of several islands, located in the south of Kyushuu and separating the East Chinese Sea from the Pacific Ocean.

Kaga Onsen Trip

Hey everyone, I hope you are all fine! We survived the typhoon and are now experiencing the true autumn feeling of Japan. Today I want to tell you about the nice weekend trip in Ishikawa Niklas and I did two weeks ago for our anniversary. Yes, you got that right: already one year married! :o Time flies! After hearing so much about this place, we finally managed to visit Kaga Onsen, a popular town south of Kanazawa that is famous for its hot springs and public bath houses.

Hakusan Hiking Trip

Hello everyone, while the super typhoon Hagibis is haunting Japan, I thought I’d use the time and write about our big hiking trip that we did at the beginning of October: the climbing of the holy mountain Hakusan. With 2702 m of height, Hakusan is one of the highest mountains in Western Japan. His peak is covered in snow nearly all the time, except from July to October, that’s why he is also called “the white mountain”.

Toyama Trip

Hi everyone, in this post I will tell you about our day trip to the city of Toyama. It’s a fantastic and interesting city, located on the brink of the Japanese alps and directly at the sea. Toyama is the capital of the Toyama prefecture which is directly next to our home prefecture, Ishikawa. It’s only a short train ride away. As I told you in one of the last posts, we visited the Teamlab Borderless exhibition together with two Japanese friends, Rumi and Hikaru.