Our trip to Tokyo (Part 2)

Hello everyone, welcome to the second part of our Tokyo adventure. We stayed in Tokyo for four days, in the last post I just described one of those days to you! As you can see, we used the short time very well for seeing a lot of (crazy) sights that Tokyo has to offer. In this post, I want to tell you what we did during the other days and give you some advice on what to see when you are in Tokyo and only have two or three days for this visit.

A family visit and our trip to Tokyo (Part 1)

Hi everyone, sorry for the delay regarding this post but as I have told you the last time, we have been quite busy during the last two weeks! Niklas family has visited us in Kanazawa for some days and afterwards we went to Tokyo together. So, there is a lot I want to tell you about this visit and, of course, about the crazy city of Tokyo! As some of you might know, Niklas' parents and both his brothers spent their summer holidays making a road trip through Japan, as they wanted to get to know the country their son is spending one year of his life in.

Osaka Trip

Hey everyone, this week is full of events and one special highlight follows the next one! Today, I want to tell you about my first big trip within Japan: on Wednesday, I went to Osaka on my own to meet my dear friend Yuka. So, in case you are wondering, Yuka is a Japanese woman who went to Germany to work there as a nurse. I met her at the beginning of the year as I was looking for a Japanese person living in Mainz for language practice.

Rakugan and Gokayama Trip

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! As our weekend slowly comes to an end, I wanted to give you a short update what we were up to. We truly had a great time exploring some cultural aspects of our new home. Professor Notsu (Niklas boss) and his colleague Professor Kimura have organized some activities for the international guests of the working group at the mathematical department. In addition to Niklas, there are some international researcher visiting the team for the workshop that takes place next week.